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Backyard Bants

Oct 25, 2021

Where GBAS is given GBOS is expected. In simple terms, If you choose violence, expect violence. Episode 50 is a special one and in many ways this episode is special because we turned the table on our listeners !!! featuring Dre, Chemsi, Imina and Dikachi. Press Play. Catch Songs of the Week on #Backyardradio -

Oct 4, 2021

 SK Cookks came through on this episode !!! Our dear neighbor Sono @sonoafricano also came through. We spoke about being Nigerian in a foreign country  in our own special way + other special treats !!!(9:40) - The sono Brand(15:50) - Speaking of Proposals(17:09) - Pee Popsicle (21:01) - Being Nigerian(28:10) - PR vs...

Sep 27, 2021

We had our long distance neighbour Abigail of @ladiestakenotes  join the gang to discuss certain standards in a relationship and what should or should not be acceptable.This was a musical of sorts.Catch Songs of the Week on #Backyardradio -

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Sep 15, 2021

No time Stamps So no Skips baby....We need you to feel the depth of perception (Whatever that means)....We apologize for the inconsistency but we are fully back !!!

Sep 1, 2021

Its been a busy summer and we apologize for the inconsistency but this should more than make up for it..(16:20) - Only Fans. (24:38) - Amber Rose and the 12 disciples. (33:31) -Uber "L".(36:35) - Cicadas . (37:20) - Vaccine Passports. (44:20) - GoatChella .(47:54) - Supa Glue. (52:47) - Story Time. (1:02:12) - JB blows...